Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Sunday

Lots of chocolate eggs (I survived my no chocolate and coffee for Lent!) and cooking dinner for my mum and my in-laws.

Smoked mackerel pate (my very own made-up recipe):

Get out the food processor and whizz together 4 smoked mackerel fillets, 400g of cream cheese, a bunch of chives, lemon juice, horseradish sauce and black pepper to taste. Put into ramekins (this quantity made for 7 generous servings) and chill until ready to serve. We had it with crispy rolls and green salad.
Followed by Delia's roast lamb with onion and rosemary sauce and then Nigella's heavenly rhubarb meringue pie from How to Eat.
Wish I'd got a picture before it all got eaten.


  1. what, no coffee or chocolate for the whole of lent, what are you superwoman or something........?
    love the sound of that pate so might just forgive you though x

  2. But sometimes the memory of the food is better than a cake could ever make it

    (and that mackrel pate sounds scrumtastic!)