Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Progress report

Readers of a nervous disposition please look away now - the following blog post contains pictures of a graphic nature which many may find disturbing.


Please excuse the mucky trainers - at this time of year I only tend to get my legs out when I'm going for a run.


Let's just say Famous Dave's fake tan was not a resounding success. Please note the tide marks around my toes - believe me, it looks even worse in real life.

My legs look like they've been creosoted and my sheets are stained in a most disturbing manner.
David Dickinson eat your heart out.


  1. To be fair, the leg part looks fine. But I'm afraid I did have a quick snort at the tide mark toes. Now repeat after me, 'pale and interesting is no bad thing'.

    And no coffee for the whole of Lent? Respect!

  2. oh dear.......... but is it a reflection on me that I find the part about running the most alarming..