Wednesday, 11 July 2012


When I very first started blogging I posted a little list of things I wanted to achieve at some point.
Although I've never revisited, updated or added to it as planned, miraculously some of the things have managed to get done.

The one I'm about to report is a nearly there, take a reality check, really there.

I wanted to weigh 9 stone again - a number and an aim based partly on vanity and partly on a few health issues. Well, I'm not quite at 9 (because I actually now think that might be a bit too unmaintainable) but I am at 9 stone 1.5lb (a whole half pound lighter than my Weightwatchers goal of 9 stone 2lb).

Now most people embarking on a weight loss journey might choose to blog about it from the beginning, giving weekly progress reports, sharing healthy recipes and hints and tips. Me, I'm starting at the end and then pretty much leaving it there. Let's face it - who wants to become a diet bore?

The simple facts are:
I was right at the top end of what was a healthy weight for my height and all the extra weight seemed to be sitting round my middle - the most unhealthy place for it to be.
I'd sustained a few running injuries which I couldn't shake off. No running led to more weight gain, which in turn made running more difficult.
A few of my friends had been successful with Weightwatchers and then one opened just round the corner from where I worked so I popped in one lunchtime. That was 3 months ago - I've now lost 19.5lb, fit into all my forgotten clothes at the back of the wardrobe and am well and truly up and running again.

And it's not been that bad. I haven't had to live the life of a recluse or give up everything I enjoy. I've still been able to cook and experiment with new recipes. Now I just need to keep it off and not slip back into my old habits.

For me, food will always be much more than just fuel. I'm a classic emotional eater - food is my reward, my solace and my way of expressing love. It is very much a part of me, and one that I don't really want to change. So now I just need to be a bit more thoughtful about what I'm putting in my mouth and follow my new mantra: Eat, drink and go running!

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